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Speech Therapy Services for All Ages

At TexMed, we understand that communication is an essential part of life. We believe that our speech therapy services can make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve by helping them overcome any challenges they face with speaking, writing, listening, or understanding language. At TexMed, patients can expect a personalized experience as our talented staff assesses their particular needs and goals in order to craft an individualized plan of care that best suits them. Our speech therapy services are designed to help improve communication and swallowing disorders including issues with articulation, fluency, language, phonology, hearing aid or cochlear implant use, voice quality, and more. 

Our experienced therapists utilize cutting-edge technology to track progress so that we can adjust treatments if needed while also being mindful of our patient’s safety during all activities. We work one-on-one or in small groups depending on the needs of the patient with activities such as reading aloud stories together; modeling proper speech patterns; repeating sequences; practicing intonation and pronunciation; working on increasing vocabulary; using visual aids like flashcards; teaching sign language when necessary; playing with toys to encourage problem-solving skills; engaging in play therapy for social development purposes; and making use of delayed auditory feedback which helps reduce stuttering among other interventions.

Comprehensive Speech Therapy Programs Personalized For Your Needs

Our qualified staff is passionate about helping people reach their full potential when it comes to verbal communication. Our commitment is rooted in our desire to make a difference not just in a person’s life but also in their loved ones who may be affected by their condition. We understand how difficult it can be for families living with this type of challenge day in and day out which is why we take extra steps to ensure successful outcomes for everyone involved.

We understand that each patient is unique, and we work closely with our patients and their families to create individualized care plans that meet their specific needs. If you or a loved one needs skilled nursing services, please call TexMed today for a free consultation at: (800) 839-4930, and we’ll promptly schedule an initial FREE in-home assessment to discuss your senior’s needs.

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