Medication supervision in Killeen, Texas

Dependable Medication Supervision for Seniors

Senior ones often have to take an array of medications. This means that they often require close supervision when taking medications, in order to ensure that they receive the correct dosage and do not experience any adverse reactions.

Older adults also tend to have multiple health conditions, which can complicate their treatment and make it more difficult for them to keep track of what medications they are taking. This increases the risk of interactions between different drugs, as well as overdose or underdose.

Medication Supervision to Put Your Mind at Ease

TexMed offers medication supervision to seniors in order to help them stay healthy and safe.

The program is designed to help seniors manage their medications and make sure they are taking the right doses at the right times. TexMed also helps seniors keep track of their appointments and provides educational materials on various health topics.

Ensuring medication is taken by the prescribed dosage and at the proper time

Our in-home caregivers and Home Health Aides can ensure that the proper amount of medicine is being taken at the right time and that no doses are ever skipped or multiple doses taken by mistake.

Setting up an organizational pillbox to help with medication management

Our professional in-home caregivers are properly trained and understand the importance of storing medications properly and checking them before each use to ensure the health of your loved one.

Logging/reporting medication intake

At TexMed Personal Care, our caregivers and Home Health Aides can assist seniors to follow all prescription directions and ensure that prescriptions are taken properly following all instructions given.

When you need to take a well-deserved break, the affordable and dependable hourly in-home caregivers at TexMed Personal Care can pick right up where you left off. Seniors in Texas deserve a chance to gracefully age in place, while enjoying the comfort and independence that living in their own home provides. If you have an aging loved one that might benefit from our “cream of the crop” home care services in Killeen or Copperas Cove, call TexMed Personal Care toll-free today at: (800) 839-4930, and we’ll promptly schedule an initial FREE in-home assessment to discuss your senior’s needs.

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