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A woman works with a patient's wrist flexibility, showing how occupational therapy services can help those in Killeen.

Occupational Therapy to Help You Recover

Occupational therapy is a rehabilitative approach designed to assist individuals with disabilities in engaging in everyday activities. Its aim is to enable people to regain and enhance their skills, promoting a higher level of independence in their daily lives.

In Killeen, TX, occupational therapy often strives to facilitate individuals’ return to the workforce. It is particularly beneficial for those with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities, helping them reacquire the necessary skills for employment. For instance, individuals recovering from a stroke may require assistance in relearning hand and arm usage. Similarly, someone dealing with depression may benefit from support in redeveloping socialization skills.

How We Help

TexMed’s occupational therapy department offers specialized services to assist patients in Killeen, TX in regaining the ability to perform daily activities. Our comprehensive services encompass a range of activities, including helping individuals relearn essential tasks such as dressing, eating, using the restroom, or driving. Additionally, our therapists provide instruction on adaptive techniques or devices and offer counseling on work-related issues.

The therapists at TexMed are highly skilled and bring extensive experience to aid patients in Killeen, TX recovering from injuries or illnesses that may have compromised their independence. They collaborate closely with each patient to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to help them achieve their specific goals.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each patient, we work closely with individuals and their families to develop individualized care plans that cater to their distinct needs. If you or a loved one requires skilled nursing services, please contact TexMed today at (800) 839-4930, for a free consultation. We will promptly schedule an initial initial FREE in-home assessment to discuss your senior’s needs.

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